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Meet Schwan's Home Delivery

This is the next in a series of articles highlighting a Staunton Chamber of Commerce business. The Staunton Chamber of Commerce consists of a number of businesses, most of them local, who work to make Staunton succeed as a community. These are dedicated businesses and individuals who support the local organizations in many ways and provide a number of entertaining events throughout the year. It's important to shop locally, but it's even more important to shop at Chamber of Commerce businesses. Look for the Chamber of Commerce emblem when shopping.

Schwan's Home Delivery has been a food delivery company for over 70 years. The company has been a member of the Staunton Chamber of Commerce for years. The company recently became an active member of the Chamber, when Andrew Kuehnel was appointed the area manager of the Staunton Depot. Andrew and his wife, Aubrey, were looking for a place where they could settle in with their 3 children. They chose Staunton because the town projected a clean image and the school district exceeded their expectations.

Meet Andrew Kuehnel, Staunton Area Manager of Schwan's Home Delivery

Andrew is a 15 year Army veteran, who appreciates Schwan's commitment to him. Shortly after being asked to become the area manager, Andrew received notice he was going to be deployed on his 2nd tour overseas. Upon returning, Schwan's kept their promise and offered Andrew the position he had been offered prior to his redeployment.

The Staunton Depot has 10 routes employing 14 workers. They sell to retailers and wholesalers, although residential is the bread and butter of their business. The Staunton Depot covers an area from Auburn to the north and Lebanon to the south and as far west as Brussels and east to Nokomis. Many of the employees at the Staunton Depot have been with the company for years. In addition to the Staunton Depot, Andrew also manages the Springfield Depot.

Some of their most popular items are their many chicken options, ice cream and pizzas. They also offer individual meals and much more. You can download the app: Schwan's Home Delivery, to view their many food choices and have your ordered delivered to your home.

Schwan's will be participating in the Touch a Truck chamber event on Saturday, June 10th. 2023. Come and check them out along with all the other equipment available to touch and climb on.

Learn more about Schwan's Home Delivery on the SCC Member Page.

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