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Meet Craine Financial

This is the next in a series of articles highlighting a Staunton Chamber of Commerce business. The Staunton Chamber of Commerce consists of a number of businesses, most of them local, who work to make Staunton succeed as a community. These are dedicated businesses and individuals who support the local organizations in many ways and provide a number of entertaining events throughout the year. It's important to shop locally, but it's even more important to shop at Chamber of Commerce businesses. Look for the Chamber of Commerce emblem when shopping.

Greg Craine, owner of Craine Financial, has 25 years of experience in Financial advice, Investments and Insurance. He has been at his current location on West Pearl St. for the last 5 years. Craine Financial belonged to both the Coal Country Chamber of Commerce and is currently a member of the Staunton Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Greg Craine, Owner of Craine Financial

Greg believes in supporting the local communities and prefers to shop local. He works with individuals, businesses, local academic foundations and library boards.

He spent 17 years working in the financial services department of First National Bank of Staunton. In 2018, a change in ownership of the bank provided Greg with an opportunity to start his own business.

He currently has over 300 clients and tens of millions of dollars invested for them. His business is built on trust and close relationships with his clients. He is honored that people trust him with their savings and Greg works to provide his clients with excellent results.

Craine Financial uses LPL Financial as his broker dealer and has a variety of investment products to fit the needs of a wide cross section of the community. Craine Financial can handle your financial needs.

Learn more about Craine Financial on the SCC Member Page.

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