Staunton, Illinois
Chamber of Commerce
"Staunton's Economic Engine... Its Members are Its Fuel!"

Nominate 2022's Citizen of the Year

Know someone helping make the City of Staunton a better place? Here is your chance to nominate Staunton's Citizen of the Year!

Requirements for nominees: 1) must either be a citizen of the City of Staunton, Illinois, or 2) be a current owner of a business of Staunton.

Go to the form link below to enter your 2022 nomination. The winner will be announced at the Staunton Christmas Events on Friday December 2nd, 2022.

Deadline for nominations is Thursday, November 20th, 2022.

View Below for Staunton's Past Citizens of the Year:

  • Bud and Sue Gilliam, 2021
  • Lori Semani, 2019
  • Mary Beth Rae, 2018
  • Carrie and Victoria Borgini
    & Ailee Taylor, 2017
  • Ron Dustman, 2016
  • Art Partridge, 2015
  • Bud & Sue Gilliam, 2013
  • Nelson Grman, 2012
  • Rink Calcari, 2010
  • Dennis Ahrens, 2007
  • Patrick Heise, 2003
  • Don Kasubke, 2001
  • Dave Cisler, 1999
  • Audre Neuhaus, 1993

Citizen of the Year